Global Fund Registration

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Swiss Representation Services

Our team represents foreign collective investment schemes (UCITS, EU and non-EU AIFs) which are offered to non-qualified investors and qualified investors in Switzerland. We act as single point of contact for all investors, authorities and the Swiss paying agent in Switzerland.

ETF Listing Services

We are newly authorised as a recognised representative with the SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd. / SIX Exchange Regulation Ltd. (“SIX”) and have been carrying out the listing of foreign collective investment schemes (ETFs) on the SIX this year. The team also acts as single point of contact and coordinates the applications between FINMA and SIX.

FinSA Services

Our experts provide the administration and preparation of all necessary information and documents for the registration in the register of advisors as well as the affiliation of your company to a Swiss ombudsman’s office. We also provide the training regarding FinSA code of conduct which is recognized by the register of advisor and a requirement for registration in the register of advisors.

EU Passporting Services

The team also supports with regard to distribution approvals for collective investment schemes in Europe, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. We collaborate close with your team to guarantee regular filings and ensure compliance with cross-jurisdictional requirements.

Facilities Agent Services

We act as Facility Agent in accordance with the European Directive 2009/65/EC. In this respect, we act as an intermediary between investors and the foreign regulatory authorities and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Ihr Team

Dr. Benedikt Czok

Dr. Benedikt Czok

Managing Partner 1741 Group
Nicole Kretzschmar

Nicole Kretzschmar

Head Global Fund Registration
Jelena Stanic

Jelena Stanic

Deputy Head Global Fund Registration

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