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As a kind of general contractor, we provide all services around the structuring, launching, continuous management and administration of investment funds. Both carefully and sustainably.

Structuring, launching, continuously managing and administering investment funds under Swiss and European law (UCITS / AIF) domiciled in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Launching and administering Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. We support all kinds of assets (stocks and shares, bonds, private equity investments, real estate, art, digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, etc.)

Risk management at all relevant levels (investment funds, counterparties, investment process, assets, etc.)

Legal and tax advice at all relevant levels (investors, investment funds, assets)

Filing reports to national and international authorities

Compliance with all foreign regulatory requirements (appointing local representatives, notifications, tax reporting)

Coordinating all parties (authorities, depositaries, auditors, brokers, asset managers, investors)

Global Fund Registration is your one-stop-shop to fulfill all legal requirements for the fund offering of foreign investment schemes in Switzerland. We act as legal Swiss Representative and also offer ETF Listing Services, FinSA Services, EU Passporting Services and Facilities Agent Services.

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